Why Nikon

Why Nikon

There will always be that conversation of why Nikon/why not Canon or vice versa.  My very first camera was a Nikon. Nothing high, Nikon with a fixed zoom lense. Really enjoyed, most of the time I used it on auto and I decided to be a professional. I went to study photography and put my camera on manual mode. Enjoyed it for a couple of years in the early 2000s until I felt I could handle a bigger beast.  Moved to my next Nikon….. and finally was buying a Nikon D800.

For me Nikon and Canon are two very good camera brands. It all depends with what you are photographing and ease of use. Below are the reasons I chose Nikon

  1. Wide angle lenses – for what we do Nikon has better lenses. I am still to find a better lense than the Nikon 14-24mm ultra wide lense. This is my go to lense and use it extensively. It’s really sharp and wide, perfect for interiors and tight areas.
  2. The Nikon tilt/shift lense is another exciting piece of glass. Manual focus and very sharp. I find this lense to be able to hand lines very well. It’s one lense you shouldn’t be using when in a hurry.

Whichever you go for i am sure you will come right! Happy shooting.


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