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 Welcome to 2017 and to our first edition of the year. We trust you had a great festive season and you are enjoying the first month of 2017. That time of the year to update company brochures, annual reports, website etc. We will continue

As we start our new year we have reviewed our service offering, added a number of new services and made some tweaks to our current service offering to ensure we at par with global architectural and construction photography trends. Our updates service offering is a follows:

    • Aerial Photography – We now offer 15 min slots for our helicopter aerial photography in addition to hourly slots. Having tested a number of drone technologies we firmly believe that helicopter aerial photography is still the best way to produce the highest quality aerial photography. We are able to cover more sites with a helicopter in a space of two hours as opposed to a drone. There will be instance where we are forced to use drones though helicopters are our preferences. Offering smaller intervals to our clients makes helicopter aerial photography cheaper to a certain extent. We believe we are professional photographers and prefer not to learn to fly drones and leave that to the pilots and we work on getting our aerial photography skills fine tuned.
    • Architectural Photography –  half day or full day commissions
    • Construction Photography – once off or long term construction photography
    • Time-lapse photography – once off and long term time-lapse photography (recommended)
    • Virtual tours 
    • Aerial 360 views
    • Framed Images – Thank you to the clients who purchased framed images from us for the first time in December 2016. The response was overwhelming thank you. Please note that any image on our online store can be purchased as a framed image at any time of the year. Please visit
    • InfrastructurePhotos – our online store has grown in the last 2 years and we continue to grow our image library. The online store was a product of clients who only needed one image and today our image library has over 70,000 images which can be used for marketing, advertising, graphic design for both print and web design. All our content on our online store is sold as royalty free limited edition infrastructure stock images and  stock motion content. We recently revamped the online store taking into consideration some request from clients. Key categories include Transportation, Power, Hospitality, Healthcare and Sports Facilities have been added. Our online store prices and quality remain competitive when compared with global stock companies such as Getty Images, Depositphotos, Istock and Emporis.  We firmly believe we are working  towards the being  Africa largest architectural and construction stock photography producer photographed by one company. We will continue to only see InfrastructurePhotos image as it easy to manage the quality and style of photography.  As from February 2017, we will commence selling time-lapse footage on our online store which can be used  for  websites , presentation  and adverts. All the time-lapse footage is photographed with full frame cameras in RAW format and converted to a time-lapse.

January 2017 Image special
3 images – 15% off | 4 images – 20% off | 5 images – 30% off
6 images – 35% off | 7 images – 40% off | 8 images – 45% off
Offer valid from 11 to 21 January 2017
Our proposed travel plans for 2017 are as follows

We regularly travel throughout Southern Africa to photograph architecture and construction sites – and we’re always adding new locations to our travel schedule. We continue to be available for commissioned work across the African continent. Please do not hesitate to contact should you have a project that needs to photographed in Africa.

February – Durban
March – Cape Town
April – Maputo
May – Gaborone
May – Cape Town
June – Tanzania
 and Kenya
July – Durban
August – Windhoek

September – Cape Town

October – Port Elizabeth

November –  Durban

Please contact us should you have any photographic needs in any of the above areas. You benefit when we photograph your project during our planned travel periods as travel costs will be reduced.

Should you require any of the above services or have a service in mind we could offer, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website. Advertising opportunities are also available on our online store. The InfrastructurePhotos team wishes and your business all the best in 2017.


InfrastructurePhotos Team


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