Construction Photography

Construction Photography 

InfrastructurePhotos performs Construction Photography shoots  at regular intervals, from beginning to end, to document all work stages of your project. We provide photographs that capture the actual conditions of the construction project at all major construction milestones. Construction Photographic documentation of surrounding areas, i.e. landscapes, parking, existing structures, adjacent properties and neighbouring facilities will be included. Our Construction  Photography services are ideal for:

  • Construction Photography documentation
  • Teleconference meetings/offsite meetings
  • Improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen
  • Back checks of materials/approach used
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Remote Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Marketing updates

InfrastructurePhotos’  Construction Photography services enables clients and project team members to view the progress of construction site remotely which reduces cost of travelling to and from site and allows for individually working remotely to access the latest photographs.

Progress Construction Photography can begin at commencement of site clearance, for the purpose of broadly capturing site work. These photo shoots are generally performed at bi-weekly intervals and can be coordinated with the pace on the site, if required. When the certificate of occupancy stage is reached, our photography documents all walls, ceilings and floors post final inspection in high resolution detail. Finished exterior elevation photographs will give you specific images that allows you to zoom in at higher resolutions for finishes or architecture details.

InfrastructurePhotos documents the on-site progress throughout construction and photograph at certain predetermined stages in order to capture precise, highly detailed and accurate representations of the project at each particular stage. We upload photographs to a secure cloud solution allowing clients to access photographs 24/7 within hours of a scheduled photo shoot. The photographs are available to the client and selected team members. Our clients are provided with password-protected access to all photographic records of your construction project anytime, anywhere.